Sora Valley is a green community with eco-friendly amenities and much more! On-site restaurant, general store, park/green space and pool: these allow you to enjoy all these amenities without having to drive!




When it comes to environmentally- friendly materials, we make sure that ours are renewable, natural, or recycled whenever possible. All of our materials, from low volatile compound paint up to Forest Stewardship Council approved timber are the best choice for eco-friendly homes.


Low voc paint

recycled-content drywall

bamboo flooring 

cork flooring

recycled glass

grasscloth wallpaper

soybeam foam spray insulation

FSC wood 

recycled metal roofing

kitchen cabinets made from recycled plastic bottles



"For a landscape design to be truly eco-friendly, it needs to be designed to minimize negative impacts on the world in which one lives."

-Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces

It's important to consider landscaping in your eco-friendly community. The goal for Sora Valley is to keep the air clean, animal habitats untouched, and natural resources unpolluted.

We've considered:

Less grass

Xeriscaping (choosing plants that thrive in a selected environment without too much maintenance)

Drip irrigation

Safe fertilizer

Use of perennial plants instead of annuals

Solar lighting for outdoor use

WIND & SOLAR            POWER

Some of the main benefits of solar and wind energy are that they both create jobs, decrease pollution, and provide power to homes. Wind energy is technically a form of solar energy, as both work with help from the sun. The warm air is what causes the air to move and create wind. One wind turbine can produce the same energy as 48,704 solar panels. Wind energy was on the horizon as a possibility in Georgia in 2014, but a recent ban on land-leasing for renewable energy has stopped this progress through the year 2030. Decisions like these may put the US behind. Even England plans to power all homes by wind energy as soon as 2030. For these reasons, Sora Valley homes will be solar powered.


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